Wow, after all the crappy weather we have been through in Minnesota we are finally getting nice weather to enjoy the outdoors. Thursday and Friday we suffered through a temp of 100+ and humidity edging into the 80% range leaving us with a heat index above 110 both days. Prior to that it basically rained since winter. While in winter we got record snow and cold at times. We had a stretch where it was -30 or less for like three weeks.

It has been a joy having the nice weather. I have been mountain biking and am starting to plan more and more trips of that. I am trying to get out fishing a day or two. Disc golf has been grand in the a.m. and I almost bought a kayak and am finding more and more to do with that.

While this summer has been only good when we have had the weather and there have not been too many of those, when we have had it, it has been great.

Sometimes I love Minneosta, SOMETIMES!


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