I have a new favorite quote, "more than 20 American and European companies have already adopted such restrictions, citing either moral or business reasons." This is what Pfizer Inc has said about stopping production of their drugs used for lethal injection.

Boy, coming from an outstanding organization like Pfizer...citing the moral high ground are yeah?! Let us consider further their moral high ground. Their moral high ground stands at a point where it is acceptable to allow people to die, as long as you don't kill criminals that preyed on society and put people to death in such base ways. What I mean by that is this, Pfizer, and all of the other slum-whore drug companies have all completely abandoned their divisions that created antibiotics. So, the antiobiotics that are on the market now, which are increasingly ineffective especially against gram-negatives are all we have because no one is developing them.

When 60 Minutes asked some of them about it, they of course cited business reasons for dropping their programs that developed antibacterials and attacked the superbugs because it was not profitable for them to do it. So, in reality what they are saying is that human life is not worth their efforts BUT, in this case, in the case of lethal injection drugs, they have decided that human life is worth their efforts.

So, in totality, what they are saying is that you and I can die however but criminals, the worst of the worst, the ones that have really made us suffer, deserve to live more and prosper. I would respect them (the drug companies) more if they weren't such complete cowards about it. What those cowards are really doing is trying to sway more favor to their side. I am fairly certain that these cowards cannot make a profit off of lethal injection drugs and so that is why they are dropping them but instead of just admitting to it like they do in the case of antibacterials, they are trying to spin it so they don't look like they complete two-faced cowards they are.

They really are the worst of the worst at this point. I cannot imagine those baseless cowards really parsing the shit that comes out of their mouthes out all that much but maybe they should start thinking about it. WHAT COWARDS!!

On a side note, which state is more full of liberal cowards that take the life of the citizenry secondary to that of the criminal more, New York or California?! Something to think about...


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