Well, that was really good. It was simple big band new orleans mixed sound with a few, of course variations. The music ranged from funk, a la James Brown to good old New Orleans Jazz music. It was quite an experience but it was marked down, of course because the sound guy at the Cabooze sucks so damn bad.

The Undercard of Jack Brass Band was as good as they come for that full musical sound. While not the depth I usually listen to, it is still so damn very good to hear such music at times. It is so simple and straight forward it can just take you away at times. Just to sit back and obsorb the music for simply what it is, it kind of just takes you away and you find yourself just absorbed in the music. No matter who you are, you cannot get away from that full brass band sound. Anyone would really enjoy this type of music.

This is one of the more simple notes I have left...but I am tired...!