This is a logical rebuking of the Heckscher-Ohlin International Trade Model. While it is not by best work, it is quite insightful if you know the model. I hate this model more than any other economic modelling I have read or know. Keep in mind that most of these are working papers or just random thoughts that I need to expand on but they are intersting insights into markets, economics or whatever...

Heckscher Ohlin Theorem of International Trade


    This is a copy of a paper on the Basic Solow Model of Economic Growth. While not the best thing I have ever written, I wrote it in about 2 take it for what it is worth. The interesting thing about this paper is are the effects of the hyperinflation on Argentina.

The Argentine Economic Disaster and the Effects on the Basic Solow Model


    This I am including even though it is only a PowerPoint presentation. The reason is is right. China is actully starting to realize that they are in getting near the point of being in trouble as a result of their banking practices.

A Comparison/Contrast of the Japanese and Chinese Economic Booms


    This is an overview of what happened in the latest economic issue to hit out great economy. It covers how the housing bubble coupled with the LBO market and a lack of correct information in the market led to the economic troubles.

LBO, Hedge Funds, Housing and the Economic Troubles


    This is what I was doing late one night while my mind would not settle down. I began thinking about how capital is accounted and used within economics modeling. This is another basic logical look into how capital is treated and maybe how it should be treated.

Capital and Labor and How they are Treated in Economics


    This is a look at a Duopolistic environment that benefits all and how this is the best way to go in a nearly homogenized market. It will be a Nash Equillibrium point and both the consumers, producers and government will benefit and all the while they will be setting up and entry barrier for competition.


    This is some interesting thoughts I had on rent control and other aspects relating to hyper-inflation...


    These are some thoughts about bubbles and how to spot them with out quantitative is a rational look at what creates bubbles...


&nbps;   This is a look at what happened in the recent housing market debacle with emphasis on how it spread and why it did not spread farther and how financial engineering caused the problem.


    This is a thought about the long and short term issues facing the United States and the cross correlation between the Scandanavian 80's housing is short but on point.


    This is some thoughts about the economic stimulus plan that is floating around Washington DC these days. It is a counter point to why this might not be the greatest idea that anyone has come up with.


This is a little thought experiment that I have been playing with in my mind. It is the future economic potential of the economy. It is a little simple but if you consider it deeply, a very good measure of what is actually going on in the economy.


Damn do I hate Jerry Jones...he is the specific example that just because you have a lot of money or run a company does not mean you are smart. Other examples would be Dick Fuld and Thain from Merrill


This is a little bit on the long tail effect and how the Wharton School study derived from winning the Netflix award is slightly off kilter in the way they are trying to prove or point to the long tail effect.